Snax v1.4 – Viral Front-End Uploader

Snax v1.4 – Viral Front-End Uploader

Snax – Viral Front-End Uploader free download

Say hello to Snax – the first front-end uploader with Open Lists. Boost your site traffic by letting users create and share viral content for you. It’s so easy even your grandma can do it!

VERSION 1.4 – 12 December 2016, Major update

# NEW — Ranked List format # NEW — Classic List format # NEW — Featured Image for the Story format # NEW — Tags auto-complete # NEW — Filter posts by format in BuddyPress’s profile # NEW — Option to close submission # NEW — Option to close voting # NEW — Option to block dashborad access for non-administrators # NEW — Support for SoundCloud # NEW — WordPress 4.7 compatibility # Improved — Froala editor: load rich editor for all text fields # Fixed — Froala editor: requires FontAwesome but doesn’t load it when needed # Fixed — Froala editor: can’t do anything in the editor after video added to empty editor # Fixed — Gallery format: number of submissions shouldn’t be added automatically to post title



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