Profile Builder Pro WordPress Plugin v2.5.5

Profile Builder Pro WordPress Plugin v2.5.5

Profile Builder Pro WordPress Plugin free download

Profile Builder Pro is a useful plugin that gives you the power to customize the WordPress registration for your website. Create your very own custom registration, profile & login forms using the amazing options in Profile Builder Pro.

One of the best features of Profile Builder Pro is the ability to use shortcodes to add your custom forms. All you have to do is create a new standard page, give it the name of your form, add-in the shortcode and publish. That’s it. You’re just a few clicks away from a custom registration form, login form, update profile form, etc.

Another great feature is the advanced user listings manager. With this you can quickly edit templates for listing all of your users, logged in users, specific user roles, users with a specific meta_value and more. This is great for keeping track of your users, your authors and more.

Profile Builder Pro also supports custom CSS so you can style it to match the rest of your theme, custom avatars ( so users can upload their own image to be displayed on their profile thumbnail in comments, forums and more), custom form completion redirection and much more. Visit the plugin page to learn more and to see all of Profile Builder Pro’s awesome features.



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